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Aug. 1st, 2011

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The weird thing about being married is that suddenly you have the Power to Make Children, and Then Name Them, and then Teach Them About the World.   For a while we kind of ignored the existence of children.  Since being married, we have made the small mini-step of occasionally acknowledging their general cuteness.

Little Dracula Deibert enters our conversations on occasion.  We aren't ready to welcome him into our lives yet because of our careers and tiny living space, but we are rather in awe of the fact that we now wield this sudden super power that we never had before.  It is like we have reached Level 80 and this is the last point in our talent tree, and instead of turning into an all-powerful shadowfiend or learning to call down a high-dps fireblast, we can propagate the world with miniature versions of ourselves.

Sure,  I suppose technically we could have created baby Dracula prior to being wed.  But before it wasn't really feasible, there were numerous nets and obstacles and Making A Child wasn't something we could just go out and do without severe backlash. 

But now it is perfectly acceptable, even normal, for us to talk about!  If we are out of fun things to do, we could totally go create Dracula and just hang out until he shows up.

The only  odd thing about teaching Dracula is that I feel severely inadequate as a parent since my knowledge of earth and how things work is actually pretty small when you consider the amount of information out there. 

This is the grand misconception.   I remember when I was small I really considered parents and all adults to be very all-knowing.  Even when adults told me they didn't know everything, I didn't believe them and thought they were just being modest. 

And now, I am a little concerned of how little I do know.  I've lived on earth for 25 years and I don't have a clue how a toaster is made or who invented the potato peeler and why.   So I hope Dracula doesn't have a burning desire to know these things, at least unless I'm close to a laptop for Wikipedia.

Anyway, it is just one of those realizations that you have, along with the fact that you can combine insurance plans, file joint taxes, combine bank accounts and get family discounts.

May. 1st, 2010

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HI LJ-ers from PA... I am in Kittanning from Now (May 1) to May 9.  Let me know if anything is going on!!!  :)  :) 

Mar. 16th, 2010


If a shih tzu can destroy a brand new toy (squeaker on the floor, stuffing all over the room) within a period of 10 minutes, then it probably shouldn't be on the market.  Just sayin'.

Secondly, how did I not know the wonders of Cranberry/[apple/raspberry/grape]?  ITS AMAZING!  I can't applaud it enough.  I discovered it quite by accident after hearing of the health benefits.  Since about three months ago before new years the only thing I ever drank was pop, i didn't realize what a wonderful assortment of non-pop drinks there are out there!  The only problem is the sugar content, I would say, but the benefits of 100% vitamin C is wonderful for my virtually non-existant immune system!  Hurrah!  I am partial to Cranberry/Raspberry.  It is Fabulous! :)

Oct. 22nd, 2009

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Everytime I see a balding old man in some sad little 50,000 coupe , all low to the ground with two pathetic seats and overly exaggerated features like a cartoon... and that smug pretentious  look like they think their car somehow impresses people,in some lamentably eye-wateringly bright vehicle, the first thought that pops into my head is ".... LOL."    To make matters worse this very real and all-to-present-in-Germantown protoype often zooms around with painful-to-behold self-importance, making a point to tail conscientious drivers, to gaze off into the sunset with what they percieve as "bad boy" appeal, and to zip on past in a roar of engines, and then to vanish into whatever stuckup parallel reality they came from...

I can't wait until winter when they have to trade those ugly suckers in for something more practical.... THANK GOD...  that way I can drive to the grocery store without mincing around like I'm navigating an expensive china shop...

The best way to impress me is to not try to impress me.

Oct. 16th, 2009

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It always makes me laugh when I say something that really is incomprehensible, and people nod and smile and agree as if whatever I just said makes perfect sense.  IT happens quite frequently, when I'm talking I often forget what I'm talking about and then panic and just start babbling random things.

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